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Battles of Poland, Belarus & the Ukraine
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Cossack on the Dneister River
Lithuanian banner
Lithuanian banner
Some armoured vehicles of the 1939 campaign
The Great Banne of Krakow
Winged Hussar
Dispositions at Grunwald 1410
Pole captures German 1939
Vickers 6 ton tank c 1938
Cossack Hetman C17
C17 polish cavalry - by Rembrandt
Polish tankette 1940
The Upland Gate in Danzig - Gdansk
Vickers E tank 1939
Jan Sobieski - saviour of Vienna and Europe in 1683
Polish cavalry 1939
East European infantry C17
Gosiewski - a C17 Polish general accoutred in neo Sarmatian style
Cossack revolt v Poland 1648
Russo Polish wars of the C17
Russo Polish wars of the C17
Khmelnitsky - statue in Kiev
Battle of Zurawno 1676
Kamiemiec Podolski in the Ukraine - captured by the Turk in 1672
The Swedes in Poland 1655 - 6

Polish assault on Chocim 1672
C16 east european troops
Polish arquebusier infantry C17
Polish lancer in Napoleons service
Cecora 1620
dragoon 1682
lekka jazda horse
Polish Renaissance matchlock men
Polish renaissance artillery
Battles of the Renaissance period - clickable
C17 poles and cossacks
C17 cossack or tartar troops
Constable of Krakow 1410
Count of Poznan 1410
Count of Sandomierz 1410
Moskorzew 1410
banner of Dobrzyn 1410
Duke of Lithuania 1410
banner of Kalisz 1410
Dabrowa 1410
Mazovia 1410
Traba clan 1410
Podolia 1410
Kryf = Griffin clan 1410
Viscount of Poznan
alternative Poznan banner
Polish line infantry of the 1830-1 revolt
Duchy of Warsaw 1810-14
Duchy of Warsaw 1807-10
Polish hussars and guides 1800-15
Polish eagle bearers 1800-15
Polish lancer
Polish horse artillery
1st Polish Chasseurs a Cheval 1810-12
Krakow volunteers in Austrian service 1866
Polish infantry in Napoleons service
Polish light horse in campaign dress
Napoleons Polish Guard light horse
Rodakowski leads the Polish cavalry 1866
Lidzbark Castle - the Austirans fought an action near here during their invasion of Poland in 1809
Poles storm Tczew fortress 1807
Raszyn 1807
Polish infantry 1807-9
Polish fusiliers
Polish 18th Uhlans
Polish Napoleonic horse
Polish Napoleonic infantry
Heilsberg 1807
polish pikeman of 1683
Bardiche and musket 1683 - the polearm would be used as a musket rest
Polish dragoon 1675
dismounted Polish cavalry 1675
hussar armour of the C17
The Polish 7TP tank 1939 was good but not numerous enough