the Sovet BT tank used the advanced Christie suspension system refected by the Americans
T34 medium tank
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Barbarossa & the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 5
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Barbarossa & the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 5
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some older tanks such as this soviet T62 appeared in the first days of the campaign
the short barrelled panzer mk 4
Luftwaffe bombers such as these destroyed much of the Soviet air force on the ground in the early days of Barbarossa
Panzer 4, main German battle tank until 1943
the famous Tiger - only a few thousand were produced, but 50 found their way to Tunisia
The Germans made use of tanks captured from various defeated Allied nations
the mk 3 Panther appeared in 1943
The German WHIRLWIND mobile 20mm flak platform
German Stuka dive bombers caused chaos in the enemy rear areas, bloccking roads and communications
King Tiger
The Tiger was hard to beat from 1943 onwards
sdkfz 222 AC 1943
German tank destroyer
Tank destroyer WW2
German Hanomag half track
German tanks and tank destroyers
Finnish assault gun
Soviet 76mm gun & German antitank weapon
a massive Soviet landcruiser tank of the early war
Soviet officer 1940
An AT gun on the Volga front
View over Stalingrad 2000
the King Tiger ruled the battlefield in 1945, but very few were built and they were too heavy to cross bridges etc.
Waffen SS motorcycle combi
Panzer IV - mainstay of the German armoured divisions
German self propelled gun, possibly the MARDER
russian vehicles of 1936
soviet ww2 artillery pieces at kiev military museum
Katyusha multiple rocket launcher - Stalins Organ
soviet SP gun
The Josef Stalin 1 tank replaced the earlier KV heavy tanks
Soviet tank destroyer
Soviet SP gun in snow camo
late war T34 - 85 against the spires of Kiev
Soviet SP gun
Soviet scout car
the formidable JS1 - one of the late war soviet tanks introduced to meet the challenge of the German Tiger
The ubiquitous German Hanomag halftrack
German towed AT gun
The renowned "88" found more fame as an AT gun than an AA gun
German 37mm AT gun of 1941
captured tank in German markings - possibly Czech or Polish
Soviet tank destroyer
Soviet APCs of the late war
ISU 152 SP assault howitzer
stormtroopers in action
the Soviet KV heavy tank was used in Finland 1940. Its near invulnerablity to the Pzkpfw IV played a considerable role in the defence of Moscow
the soviet KV2 heavy tank was a real monster but mounted a howitzer in place of an AT gun
German Sdkfz AC, this one carrying a field or AT gun
very few King Tigers were built
the soviet T34 medium was a good allrounder and the mainstay of the tank forces; more than 50,000 were built.
rear view of the KV1 heavy
front view of a Tiger
Hungarian Zrinyi tank destroyer
Hungarian AC
Hungarian Nimrod SP assault gun
Hungarian Turan 1 tank
IS-2 model 1943 (front) and IS-3 at the Great Patriotic War Museum, Minsk, Belarus. The KV series of Soviet heavy tanks was criticized by their crews for their low mobility, and lack of any heavier armament than the T-34 medium tank. In 1942, this problem was partially addressed by the lighter, faster KV-1S tank. The KV series remained much more expensive than the T-34, without having greater combat performance. The heavy tank program was nearly cancelled by Stalin in 1943. However, the German employment of large numbers of Panther and Tiger tanks at the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 changed Soviet priorities. In response, the Soviet tank industry created the stopgap KV-85, and embarked on the KV-13 design program to create a tank with more advanced armour layout and a more powerful main gun. Because Marshal Kliment Voroshilov had fallen out of political favour, the new heavy tank series was named the Iosif Stalin tank [IS rather than KV].
Stuka dive bomber
Panther II tank
Panzer IV with armour added to guard against handheld AT
Benz trucks - from the PAPER GENERAL site
sdkfz 250 halftrack - courtesy of PAPER GENERAL site
Stuka dive bomber
Blitz truck
Panzer mk IV short barrelled
Tiger in typical camo pattern
Soviet KV heavy tank prewar
Soviet La G 33 fighter
soviet La5 fighter
Yak 3 fighter
Axis troops on the eastern front
soviet troops of the eastern front
T34 medium tank
soviet SMG
T34 soviet med tank
germans in the ruins of Stalingrad
the FW 190 was hitlers best fighter
La5 fighter
the famous Opel Blitz truck
Yak fighter
soviet La fighter
soviet la5 fighter
sukhoi fighter
german 105mm howitzer
the famous german '88' could destroy planes and tanks alike
soviet field artillery
soviet BA10 AC 1942
soviet KV1 + KV2
The Panzer II in africa and in russia
Soviet ZIS truck -made of wood to save valuable metal. Many trucks used by the Russians were US made however
one of many lend lease canadian chevrolet trucks in russian service - dodge trucks were the most common
The Pak 43 late war German AT gun - of 88mm calibre
Panther tank in 1944 camo