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Display in the Bucharest military museum
WW1 53mm gun - Romanian troops were issued with the French Adrian helmet once they joined the war
Light MG team - the uniform was sky blue
ancient thracian cavalry
Ww1 troops
Wallachian light inf 1912
Romanian inf 1912-17
Romanian Hussar 1912
Romanian lancer 1912-17
Romanian fights Turk 1877
Romanians storm a Turk redoubt 1877
Romanian inf storms Plevna 1878
Romanians storm Plevna 1878
Michael the Brave in the C17
Dragastani 1821
Suvorov takes Ismail 1790
stand of the romanian firemen 1848
ancient Dacian Falk or Falche
Citate 1854
Rumanian officer 1912
Rumanian general 1912
Wallachian cavalry 1575