banner of the crusader knights of Westphalia
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Battles, sieges, wars, skirmishes and other forms of conflict taking place over the centuries in the Baltic & Scandinavian regions.
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banner of the Danzig = Gdansk
banner of the town of Elbing
Swedes crusade in Finland in the 1150s
Teutonic knights dismounted in a still from the game MEDIAEVAL TOTAL WAR
Teutonic knights charge over frozen Lake Peipus against the army of Nevsky in the thirteenth century
banner of the Constable of Krakow 1410
banner of Haliscz 1410
banner of Litau 1410
Crusader crossbowmen - possibly mercenaries
White Russian banner
Duke of Breslaus White Band
banner of Chelm
The Knights defeated by the Poles at Grunwald = First Tannenberg 1410
banner of Koenigsberg
banners of the Baltic Crusades I
banners of the Baltic Crusades II
banners of the Baltic Crusades III
Grand Masters banner
sea battle nr Danzig 1627
German crusading knights of C13
German crusaders of C12