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History & Chronology Of Russia A Very Beautiful Site

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Several, Including: Ancient & Medieval War Vehicles; The White Russian Army.

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Several More, Including Russian Army Of Ww1 And The Preobrazhensky Life Guards

Soviet - Afghan War

Russian Army Of The Napoleonic War

The Cossacks

Chronology Of The Russian Navy Over Three Centuries

The Great Northern War 1700 - 1721

The Battle Of Borodino 1812 With Very Nice Virtual Graphics

History Of Russia, Poland, The Ukraine And The Baltic States

A Number Of Good Links

Red Steel - Russian Armoured Vehicles

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Russian Wars 1817 - 1905 [In Russian]

Ww2 In Russia & Military Historical Tourism There

Russian Military History Texts Translated To English - Including Some On Uniforms

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Narva To Poltava 1700 - 1709

Pugachevs Revolt

The Time Of Troubles

The Krim Tartars

Russian History 1800 - 1900 Year By Year

Alexander Nevsky And The Battle On The Ice

Tannenberg Ii


The Campaign In Switzerland Against The Revolutionary French

Russian Military History Links - The Army Of 1914, Battleships, The Crimea, Etc.

Enter An English Word And Get The Russian Equivalent

Genstab - Russian Military History, Wargame & Re-Enactment Pages

Russo-Japanese War 1904-05: Links

The Russian Jews And The Tribes Of The Steppes

Blood On The Grass: Central Asia Page

Blood On The Grass: East Asia Page

Blood On The Grass: Baltic Page

Kunersdorf 1759, fought against Frederick the Great of Prussia

Russian Campaigns In Central Asia




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