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War of the Austrian Succession
British infantry of the line
Pandour in the Austian service
Irish infantry in French service
Grenzer in the Austrian service
Colours of Hesse and other German States
Hussar light cavalry
Hungarian grenadier infantry
Prussian standard
French infantry standard c 1700
Glamoy regiment in French service c 1700
Russian troops early C18
Naval broadside
C18 standards: Alsace, Austria, Brandenburg, Bohemia, France, Great BritainMiddle Row: Germany, Hesse, Kleves, Modena, Netherlands, PalatinateBottom Row: Poland, Prussia, Russia, Spain, Tuscany, Venice.
diorama of the assault on Oberglau 1709
cavalry guidons 1702 - 14
an 18 battleline
British Guards repulse French cavalry at Minden
Austrian artillery 1756-63