Ivan the Terrible besieged rebel monks here in the White Sea at the Solovetsky monastery
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Battle of Kulikovo 1380 v the Blue Horde
Russia 1613
Swedopole invasion of 1610
Nevski combats the Teutonic Knightd
Rus fights Mongol in the Middle Ages
Campaigns of the Pretenders during the Time of Troubles
Alexndr Nevski
The victory of Tver over Moscow at Bortenovo
Sceptre of the Tsars
Voivode or Captain
Boyars of Ivans time
The Tsar Shuishki
banner of Smolensk
the monastery founded to commemorate the battle of Kulikovo
Tartar warriors probably of the C17
C17 east european troops
st basils in moscow
banner  of the city of Moscow
relief of Smolensk 1611
icon banners
the great cannon named 'Tsar'
the walls of Smolensk
early russian troops
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C15 battle between Novgorod and Suzdal
Tatar horse archer
Minin evicts the Poles from the Kremlin 1611
battles of the Time of Troubles