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infantry in summer uniform
sailors cap
infantry in winter uniform
Cossacks advance to Tannenberg 1914
1916 uniforms
A ragged band advance during the Brusilov offensive
Cossack horsemen opposed the 1917 revolts in Petersburg
MG crew
Sikorsky fighter
An Orthodox priest blesses the troops
an advance in the Caucasus
field gun
officers size up enemy positions
a selection of summer uniforms
field howitzer in action
Tsushima 1905
Russian fleet at Tsushima 1905
Oleg Kerensky, who siezed power from the Tsar in February 1917, but was then himself overthrown by the Bolsheviks in November
Mosca fighter
Brusilov was a comparatively innovative general who mounted a partially successful offensive in 1916
war map of civil war vintage
lebed and anatra fighters 1916- 17
russian Muromets bomber of 1915