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Skoda howitzer
Alpini machine gun
Blockhouse at the Col de Lana in present day Slovenja
Italian recruiting poster
sentry hut in the high Alps
Skoda howitzer 1916
Austrians march into the Tyrolese Alps
Italian infantry assault
Italians march to the front
Imperial review at Schonnbrunn
Austrian uniforms of 1914
Austrians on the Isonzo front
Austrian commanders
Austrian infantry advance
Austrian officers confer
Austrian infantry
Austrians on parade
Austrian artillery
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Austrian artillery 1916
Bersaglieri infantry
Strormtroopers on the ascent
Italian royal flag
screenshot from the GUNS OF AUGUST PC game
Austrian chief of staff Conrad von Hoetzendorf
Austrian field gun
Italian air force roundel
Austrian Ufaq twoseater
The Brenner Pass was the scene of fighting
Austrian gun position in the Tyrol
Austrian infantry
an Austrian mine is sprung
spotter plane overflies a rosy hued peak in Val Fassa
Fiat MG improved version
Fiat MG of 1914
helmet of the elite Bersaglieri corps
helmet of the Carabinieri corps - the curious winged shape resulted in these troops being called CAPRONI after the heavy bomber plane pictured elsewhere on this page!
Austrian Jaeger uniform 1914
the Telerifico was a significant technical development of this war
the terrain of the Altipiano, or Asiago Plateau, to the east of Lake Garda and north of Vicenza and Monte Grappa. Much hard fighting took place here during the Strafekspedition of 1916, and in late 1917.
it is hard to imagine that a war was fought amongst these high Dolomitic peaks
the Austrian Fort Verle, typical of those built in the south Tyrol after 1866-70
Forcola di Livogno on the Stelvio Pass, held by the italians during the war
hauling a gun to the heights
shelter cut into the glacier high on Marmolada
heavy gun, possibly of French make
In the east, on the present border with Slovenia, the rocky limestone carse plateau of the Carso and the Bainsizza were the scene of much fighting; casualties were increased by rock splinters from shells, and the impossibility of digging trenches in such ground.
mule train negotiates a perilous supply route
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supply route up Pasubio
Italian heavy mortar
Iz3 armoured car, probably made in Torino
Corporal of Austrian artillery 1914
Aviatik Berg fighter of the AAF
Fiat Ansaldo fighter with Veneto markings
still from the file LA GRANDE GUERRA
poster for the film LA GRANDE GUERRA
Italian language site on the Dolomitic War
austrian planes over the Brenta Pass
guns being hauled into position high on Monte Gusella
italian aircraft of 1917
italian aircraft of 1918
two austrian fighters of 1915
HUngarian infantry 1914
The MG here may be a Mannlicher??
austrian fighters of 1916
austrian fighters of 1917
austrian UFAG fighter of 1918
austrian Phoenix of 1918
austrian hansas of 1916