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The Austrian salient at Tolmino, now in Slovenia, was cleverly exploited with German help on October 24 1917. With the aid of mist + Italian disorganisation, complacency, and personality clashes, the Central Powers armies, including the young Lieutenant Erwin Rommel, advanced up the valley and captured Caporetto [at top of picture]. The two divisions on Monte Nero [right of picture] were completely cut off and surrendered. Further thrusts to the north of Monte Nero, using gas, and into the mountains to the west of the valley, completed the rout, which was not stemmed until the river Piave was reached.
using gas, the northern breakthrough was made in this terrain
Caporetto village as it is today
The formidable position of Monte Nero or Krn was simply bypassed
dispositions prior to the attack
at least 50,000 prisoners were taken on the first day