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Dogfight over the trenches
German tank
French tank in silhouette
Sopwith Camel
German helmet cockade
Belgian recruiting poster
Russian infantry Summer 1916
Russian officers of WW1
Russian MG troops
Launches on Lake Tanganyika WW1
Belgian infantry 1914 - famous for their cyclist detachments
Montenegrin infantry
Portuguese infantry on the Western Front 1917
Japanese infantry operated against German colonies such as Tsingtao in China
German column in Poland
Greek infantry
Russians advance on the Caucasus front
assorted WW1 headgear
artillery tractor
German Imperial Navy ensign
German war ensign 1871 - 1918
German Jack 1914 - 18
Russian infantry on the march
Russian MG crew
Austrian general Conrad von Hotzendorf
Canadian dispatch rider
long range bomber
Flanders mud
the still ultra - controversial Earl Douglas Haig, commander at the Somme 1916
m1878 howitzer in Russian service
British howitzer
the view from the Turkish position at Gallipoli
British "Tommy"
german naval officers hat
Russian naval ratings cap
French fighter
early model St Chamond tanks
Krupp field gun
Sopwith Camel
French St Chamond tank
Troops of the central powers
Japanese field gun 1917
Chateau Wood 1917
Fontaine Notre Dame
gas attack
Menin Road at Ypres - by night
no mans land from a french FOP
balloon observation over the north sea 1918
Oppy Wood 1917
Stary Korczyn 1914
dazzle ship in Liverpool docks
Fokker Triplane