Urals government 1918
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Red Army commander Leon Trotsky made extensive use of armoured command trains
Infantry on the march
on the march across the endless steppe
Standard of the 14th Red armoured car regiment
armoured car
White officers in the Kuban
armoured car improvised from an early tractor
armoured train of the Czech Legion 1919
Siberian troops
Czech patrol in Siberia
Bolshevik propaganda poster
British interventionist aircraft on the Northern front
Mk V tank of Denikin's army
Leon Trotsky
Admiral Kolchak
Nestor Makhno the Ukrainian Green
General Wrangel
Budennys Red cavalry
soldier in summer wear
White recruitment poster
Whites on parade
cap of a Revolutionary sailor
White troops as represented at the Paper Generals site
Kolchak and the Czech legion fought their way all the way from Vladivostok to Kazan along the Transib railway - and then back again
Bolshevik militia courtesy of THE JUNIOR GENERAL
white militia courtesy of THE JUNIOR GENERAL
Bolshevik regulars courtesy of THE JUNIOR GENERAL
a Maxim gun is used as AA defence
Red banner 1918
Red banner 1918-23
Red banner 1918
Red propaganda poster
flag of the north western Russians
flag of the Don Cossack Republic
Admiral Kolchaks personal flag
flag of the Kuban Council 1919
Assorted Reds
Reds 2
Reds 3
Reds 4
White MG crew
107mm gun of 1910 vintage
Bockarevs banner
Gundorovs banner
Banner of the Izhevsk counterrevolutionaries
Kolchaks banner
kornilovs banner
another banner of Kornilovs revolt
Markovs banner
Markov 2
banner of the White Markov
white banner with the legend TO MOSCOW
banner of Nikolai
evocative white banner showing the typical sleeve insignia
red banner of the Russian Republic
Votkins banner
reverse of Votkins banner
Votkin - reverse
Baron Ungern Sternbergs Mongolian fiefdom
flag of the White Wolves
Kerenskys Republic of 1917
Drozdhovs White regiment
Pole Czech and Baltic troops 1918 - 21
the Womens Battalion defended the Winter Palace during the October 1917 coup in Petrograd
Krasnovs Don Republic
Nestor Makhno
operations in the Ukraine 1919