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The Clog Fight at Koege - double click for bigger pic
Danish infantry 1864
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The victorious Danish army returns from Holstein marches down Stroeget 1849
C18  Danish infantry

Counts War 1534 - 
 The Counts War in Denmark was a fascinating multisided struggle for power over the Baltic trade. This site is in the Danish language; see elsewhere on TWT for link to an English page on this subject. 
 Web Site: 
 urban pedersen Tuesday, 12/3/02, 9:00 PM 
 det er godt at man kan leve saa langt fra, og stadigvaek undersoege ens hobby. urban 
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 other sites on Danish military history  jeg proever alle vegne 
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 this extract is in the Danish language: there is an English summary linked separately from the 'Denmark' page. 
 Web Site:  The Counts War 1534 - 6 
 Rendsburg in Holstein: history Wednesday, 1/2/02, 9:57 AM 
 Web Site:  Rendsburg in Holstein: history 
 Battle of Isted 1850 Thursday, 8/30/01, 10:35 AM schlacht.html Battle of Isted 1850 - alternative german language page 
 Web Site:  Battle of Isted 1850 
 Battle of Isted 1850 Thursday, 8/30/01, 10:11 AM Battle of Isted 1850 [German and English] 
 Web Site:  Battle of Isted 1850 
 The German-Danish War of 1864 Monday, 8/20/01, 10:52 AM The German-Danish War of 1864, with many illustrations of German uniforms 
 Web Site:  The German-Danish War of 1864 
Battle of Kolding 1658
Charles X of Sweden invades across the ice
flag of rebel Schleswig Holstein 1848 - 1864
Nelson attacks the Danish fleet in Copenhagen Roads 1801
Swedes cross the ice from Langeland to Lolland 1658
Swedes cross from Jutland to Funen 1658
Danish infantry 1848, 1709 & 1864
Dannebrog from 1864
Infantry standard of  1625
Danish infantry 1848, 1709 & 1864
1805 - 1813
British capture Koebenhavn 1807
Copenhagen burns 1807
the viking royal military camp at Jelling
the windmill overlooking the Dybboel redoubts after the bombardment
the captured redoubt 4 at Dybboel 1864
the Danish retreat 1864
the captured redoubt 2 at Dybboel 1864
Danish troops of the Napoleonic Wars - Denmark was an ally of France between 1807 and 1814
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Danish auxiliary corps 1813
Rolf Krake 1864
the Baltic often freezes over in Winter - permitting Swedish armies to cross to the Danish islands in 1659 and on other occasions too
monument at Isted
the obelisk at Isted
Prince Christian Frederick 1786 - 1848
dawn breaks at Isted
theDanish retreat from Jutland 1864
the Danish position at Dybboel after bombardment 1864
terrain of the battle of Obersee 1864
the naval  battle at Eckernfjord 1849
battles around Flensborg 1848-9
Off Elsinore 1658
danish troops of 1864
Swedes attempt the storm of Copenhagen 1659
The British bombard Copenhagen 1807 - preliminary to destroying the Danish fleet there so that it mayu not join its new ally Napoleon
Nelson batters the Danish fleet in Copenhagen Roads 1801
Danish infantry of 1848
Danish troops of the C19
Danish infantry of 1848
early Vikings
Scandinavian troops of 1903 - LHS Denmark and RHS Norway
Danish troops of 1940
Danish troops such as these came close to entering the 7 Years War on the Prussian side when the Count of Holstein Gottorp became  Tsar of Russia and prepared to attack the country
infantry dragoon and Jaeger of 1848
Jutland regt and Fyn dragoon 1812-15
standard of 1709
Danish infantry and artillery officers - in new model uniforms - 1848-9
Slesvig 1848
the DANNEVIRKE - a Viking defensive wall now in north Germany - but covering the then very wealthy trading town of Hedeby
Danish infantry 1903
Swedes cross the ice from Jutland to Fyn
Swedes try to storm Copenhagen across the ice of the harbour 1659
Danish East Indies troops in Tranquebar
Danish West Indies troops
The battle off Fehmarn
1848 infantry
danish cavalry through the ages
Danish Napoleonic cavalry
Danish hussar and dragoon 1864
CLICK HERE to see Danish cavalry troopers through the centuries
CLICK HERE to see Danish cavalry troopers through the centuries
CLICK HERE to see maps related to Danish military history
CLICK HERE to see maps related to Danish military history
Aalborghus Castle
Infantry and officer 1940
Danish dragoons attack Ovre Stolk 1850
Falster regiment c1765
The blue 1848 uniform was worn generally only in late 1849
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Skiff of the Gunboat War
Danish Napoleonic Jaegers