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the Russo - Swedish war of 1808 -09Tuesday, 11/5/02, 11:51 AM
Scandinavia was somewhat of a backwater during these wars, but this conflict could have easily blossomed into a wider conflict, particularly if the planned invasion of mainland Sweden had proceeded. With unusual Napoleonic armies such as the Norwegians featuring along side some famous names from the period such as Sir John Moore, Bernadotte and Ney, the campaign has interest.
Web Site: the Russo - Swedish war of 1808 -09
The Heruli tribe 268 - 568 ADWednesday, 5/15/02, 11:05 AM
The heyday of the Heruli (or Eril) tribe lasted 300 years when they were hired as mercenaries in the Roman Empire and some of them at least settled in the empire. Thanks to their pay in gold we know something about Scandinavian history in that restless time of battling Attila the Hun and establishing the Catholic Church. We hear about the West and the South Heruli, and also of the fierce Cimbri and of the first Danes (Sideni).
Web Site: The Heruli tribe 268 - 568 AD
Scandinavian castlesWednesday, 5/15/02, 10:14 AM
go to the bottom of this page for the Baltic castles. Not many other links are functioning at the present time!!
Web Site: Scandinavian castles
Snorri SturlussonWednesday, 5/1/02, 9:19 AM
online and complete!!! the author lived c. 1179 - 1241
Web Site: Heimskringla; The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
The Finnish Civil War 1918Tuesday, 11/13/01, 10:40 AM
Civil War, Red Revolt, Class War, Liberation War. The very first war of Finland is called with many names. No matter what name you use, one thing is sure: Brother fought against brother and friend fought against friend. War begun 28th January and ended 15th April 1918. From the begin of war to the end of war at least 30 000 person lost their lives, about one third by executions and about 15 000 in Prisoner camps by famine and diseases.
Web Site: The Finnish Civil War 1918
Swedish milhist v2Tuesday, 9/18/01, 10:22 AM
Swedish military history [fully translated into English] Russo-Swedish war of 1808 -09. http://www.nick- - a highly recommended site The Swedish Army in the Napoleonic Wars By Magnus Olofsson de_en.html swedish victories in North Germany 1759
Web Site: Swedish milhist v2
Swedish military historyTuesday, 9/18/01, 10:12 AM
Swedish military history [fully translated into English] Russo-Swedish war of 1808 -09. http://www.nick- A VERY DETAILED & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SITE The Swedish Army in the Napoleonic Wars By Magnus Olofsson de_en.html
Web Site: Swedish military history
Denmark in the Napoleonic WarsMonday, 7/16/01, 1:25 AM
Web Site: Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars
Siege of Copenhagen 1807Friday, 7/13/01, 5:58 AM iscellaneous/copenhagen.jpg The city was bombarded from land and sea by the British, who were seeking to remove the large Dano- Norwegian fleet from Napoleon's grasp. Some land battles were fought which resulted in the rout of Danish militia by Highlanders and other British regulars, the Danish regular forces being elsewhere, in Jutland and Germany.
Web Site: Siege of Copenhagen 1807
War of Lithuanian Independence 1918-23Tuesday, 7/10/01, 12:05 PM
some nice maps and uniform illustrations; also a link to a site about armour in the Baltic.
Web Site: War of Lithuanian Independence 1918-23
Swedish campaigns 1756-63Tuesday, 7/10/01, 11:39 AM
including a large section on the battle for the islands at the mouth of the Oder around Swinemunde, in 1759.
Web Site: Swedish campaigns 1756-63
The Great Northern WarMonday, 7/9/01, 11:09 AM
a very detailed resource
Web Site: The Great Northern War
Wars in the Baltic 1660-1721Monday, 7/9/01, 4:50 AM
Includes the Scanian war between Denmark and Sweden, as well as the two Northern Wars which embroiled many of the powers in the area. Some nice illustrations here; also some very interesting links.
Web Site: Wars in the Baltic 1660-1721
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