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Finns defend their homeland 1940
Soviets attack 1940
Arms of Finland
click here 'for the Swedish-Russian war of 1808- 09 in Finland.
Fiinnish artillery museum in Tavastehus
C12 swedish crusade to finland
finnish light tanks of the forties
swedish troops of 1807
finn assault gun of WW2
russian tank and AC of 1936
Karelian irredentist flag
Finnish heraldry
Fort at Savo
map showing the 1808-9 battlefields as red circles
battles of 1808-9
Swedish Lifeguard Cuirassier 1807
Finnish artillery 1808
officer of Finn artillery 1808
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Soviet Bt5 tanks in Finland 1940
Swedish volunteers with Boys AT rifles
Karelian refugees 1940
Finnish fighter of 1940-45
Swedish infantry of 1779
shield of Finnmark
White boy soldier of the Finnish civil war 1918
Carl Gustav Mannheim
ops around Tampere March 1918
Finnish civil war cavalry
civll war encampment
White AC of 1918
civil war boy troops
civil war troops
Finn volunteers in Estonia 1919
Finnish trench 1940