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double click for the Magyar rebels of 1848-9
Magyar infantry in Austrian service 1798
Hungarian hussar in Austrian service - Napoleonic Wars
Hungarian fusiliers in Austrian service 1796
Serbo-Hungarian hussars C17
"Black Flag" banner of the great Warrior King Matthias Corvinus - the black is actually oxidised silver
Russian tanks in Budapest 1956
street fighting in 1956
Soviets return to Budapest 1956
Hungarian Honved infantry 1849
the Hungarian coat of arms
Hungarian troops of the late C19 - possibly 1889
flag of the 1848 rebellion
1848 flag carrying the slogan DONT HURT THE MAGYARS
Hungarian banner prior to 1301
cavalry flag of 1848
Hungarian flag from the great siege of Beograd 1456
Hungarian infantry of the C19
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Hungarian hussar uniform
rebel flag of 1706
Pest rebel flag 1797
Hungarian Turan or Toldi tank on the eastern front WW2
Axis Hungarian troops of 1941-5
Hungarian CA135 transport of ww2
Hungarian grenadier in Hapsburg service 1756
Hungarians at Sadowa 1866
C18 Hungarians in Hapsburg service
Honved officer 1848
Bethlen Gabor led his excellent hussars and lancers on the Protestant side of the Thirty Years War
flag of Gabor 1615
Honved infantry of 1848-9
Honved infantry 1848
Hussar pennant early C18
C17 hungarian hussar
hussar uniforms of the C18
flag of the Hungarian Prince 1605-6
Rakoczi's rebellion of 1703-11
old soldier of 1848
Banner of Matthias Corvinus
Nyitra rebels of 1660
flag of Zrinyi 1664
Haiduk banner of 1600
Hungarian Anjous of the C14
Prince of Hungary 1705-11
House of Arpad banner prior to 1301
the Anjou Kings of Hungary
defence of the Carpathians in WW1
Soviets in Budapest 1956
Magyar horse archer of C10
Shako of 1848
hungarian infantry 1914
Russian troops 1830s - 1840s of the kind who put down the 48 hungarian revolt
more Russians of the kind who put down the Hungarian rising of 48
Hungarian Hussar c1500
Honved militia 1848
rebel flag of 1703-11
hungarian infantry 1788
1916 helmet
1938 helmet
Honved officer 1848
General Pál Tomori in his golden armour at Mohacs 1526
Hussars 1848
the camp of King Matthias - a formidable warrior
Banner of King Matthias - with silver components now blackened with age
siege of Buda 1686