the Elephant Pass causeway to the Jaffna Peninsula was the scene of the first attack of the war

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Colombo disputed by the colonial powers 1656
Tamil Tigers on parade. Up to 2008, 20,000 government soldiers and probably many more rebels had died in the ethnic fighting on this small island the size of Ireland.
The British assault on Colombo 1796. The colony fell to Britain at the peace traaty of 1815.
Map showing the earliest recorded Sinhalese campaign against the Tamils.
Armed launches of the Sea Tigers are used to smuggle ammunition across the Palk Strait from Tamil Nadu
Sinhalese Police scouts in the eastern jungles
The northern rock fort of Sigiriya - built c500AD by the usurping patricide Prince Kassapa as a defence against his brother Mogillana. The defences included crocodiles in the moats. In the event, the contest was decided in the field nearby, with Kassapa the loser
SLA troops
Sea Tigers
armoured vehicle guards Elephant Pass
Israeli made Kfir jet of the SLAF 2008
SLAF fighter of the eighties
MIG 27 of the SLAF
Y8 transport of the SLAF
SLA troops patrol the front line in the Vanni
MIG fighter of the eighties SLAF
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