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transporting supplies through the Khyber
3rd Gurkha infantry 1880
Lord Roberts of Kandahar
tribesmen ambush an artillery column
last stand of the 44th at Gandamak
last stand of the 66th at Maiwand
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the battle of Ali Masjid
sepoys outmanouever an ambush position
the fort of Ali Masjid overlooking the Khyber Pass
at Allahabad 1842
the view from Ali Masjid
cavalry action in the Chardeh Valley
Imperial forces view an Afghan rout 1880
Bengal lancers negotiate a defile
Jezail matchlock armed tribesmen in ambush
Jezail men
afghan tribesmen later C19
tribesmen of 1878
tribesmen of 1880
Gurkha troops storm a hillside
Khyber Pass
Afghan warband
the guns escape from Maiwand 1880
Imperial troops at Kandahar 1880
British mountain battery
last stand of the 66th at Maiwand 1880
modern day warriors of afghanistan - the Taliban
Prince Harry of England on patrol in Helmand province
osama bin laden is believed to be on the pakistan border in 2009
17th foot storm Kabul 1842
Gurkhas in action 1878
the strategiic fort of Jellalabad commanded one end of the Khyber Pass
Imperial mountain gunner 1878
the Quetta army advances on Kandahar via the Bolan Pass
the British debouch into Afghanistan from the Khyber 184?
Punjab mountain arillery
elephant drawn battery 1878
Chinese campaign in Nepal