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Pharaoh Ahmenopolis in his war chariot. The ancient Egyptians are now believed to have derived from the Libyan desert, when, believe it or not, it became flooded in very ancient times!!
Dervishes of the Danakil
Saladins Mameluke descendants fought Napoleon beneath the Pyramids in 1803
Pharonic Guard archer
Zouaves of the Maghreb - many French regiments were uniformed similarily as a result of Frances extensive wars in North Africa
Egyptian line infantry
modern flag of the ancient kingdom of Morocco
click here for the very pretty Alexandrian Library site
the game pieces from the PC game CIVILISATION
flag of modern Mauretania
map of the battle of Sediman 1803
ancient north Africa - Roman plots with Berber
British Imperial uniforms of the Sudan campaigns late C19
Napoleons campaign in the Mideast 1798-1801
ancient Egyptian troops
Napoleons Near East expeditionary force of 1798-1801
C13 Mamluk - of the type Saladin led against the Crusaders in Palestine
Sudanese Mahdist tribal infantry 1880 - 1900
Pyramids 1798
Napoleon in Egypt
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