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BATTLES IN GREECE: Click here to march with the Phalanx
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Some battles in Greece:
Boeotia Thebes Bc86 Chaeronea Sulla defeats the Hellenic Mithridates of Pontus Greece Boeotia Thebes Bc86 Orchomenus Sulla defeats the Hellenic Mithridates of Pontus

Pelopponesian War bc 431 ¿ 404 Wednesday, 12/27/06, 3:58 AM
The Peloponnesian War was a long civil war between Athens and Sparta, joint victors over the Persians, for ascendancy in the Greek Peninsula. Fought both on land and sea, the War is traditionally divided into three phases: the Archidamian War (431-421), the Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition (420-413), and the Ionian War (412-404).
From: Hellas
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Battles of the Catalan Grand Company [of mercenaries] in Greece Wednesday, 10/4/06, 5:00 AM
The Catalans had arrived in the region as part of a Crusade, but in true mercenary style it was not long before nonpayment caused them to take matters into their own hands and sieze territory, both Moslem and Christian, in their own name. 1224 Catalans win battle of Poimanenon in Bithynia; 1259 battle of Pelagonia in Macedonia ¿ Greeks bt Sicilians; 1262 battle of Prinitza in western Peloponnese ¿ Catalan victory; 1263 battle of Makry Plagi in western Peloponnese - Catalan victory; 1305 Catalans win at Apros in Thrace; 1311 battle of Kephissos in Euboea ¿ victory of the Catalan company;

The Battle of Delium or Delion 424 BC Wednesday, 3/22/06, 10:07 AM
Fought between the Athenians and the Boeotians, and ended with the siege of the fortified temple at Delium in the following weeks.
From: Boeotia
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Some battles in or around Greece Wednesday, 3/22/06, 3:28 AM
Civil war late 1940¿s Greco-Albanian campaign 1940. Battle of Afiun-Kara-Hissar Battle of Vevi (WWII) Battle of Bizani Battle of Dardanellia Battle of Dumlupinar Naval Battle of Elli Battle of Giannitsa Battle of Inonu Second Battle of Inonu Battle of Kilkis-Lahanas Battle of Kresna Gorge Naval Battle of Lemnos Battle of Pente Pigadia Ancient battles of Leuctra, Lechaeum (north of Corinth; interception of convoy), Chaeronea, Coronea, Mantinea, Sphacteria, Plataea, Delium, Thermopylae, Notium, Potidaea, Aegospotami, Arginusae Islands, Syme, Naxos, Salamis, Nafpaktos, Lepanto, Modon, Matapan, Cnidus, Artemisium, etc.
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Peloponnesian Wars Tuesday, 1/20/04, 10:12 AM
a nice listing of perhaps 15 battles, including both the First Peloponnesian War (460-445 bc) and the Second or Great Peloponnesian War (431-404 bc). These wars between Greek city-states featured Athens and her allies on one side and Sparta and her allies on the other. The first war ended in a truce with both sides maintaining their primary empires: for Athens the sea and for Sparta the land. The second war ended with the defeat of Athens and Sparta the dominant force in the region.
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The 300 Spartans at Thermopylae
Mycenaean Greeks outside Troy, as described in Homers Odyssey and Iliad
Rhodian slinger - used stones or lead balls to harass provoke and disorder opponents
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Greek infantry 196
Greek infantry 1912
Greek standard of 1912
Cretan gendarme in Salonika 1912
Greek artillery officer 1912
Greek cavalry major 1868-1912
greeks fight bulgarians in madedonia 1913
troops of the balkan wars
greek troops 1843
Battle of Pente Pigadia or Battle of Bespinar 1912
byzantine greek shield or banner symbols
late Byzantine battle
flag of 1821
flag of 1828
greek troops ford a river towards the end of the independence war c1833
at the National Parliament 2010
the warships Hydra and Averoff secured the Aegean islands from the Turks in 1912
evzones 1912
Bloch fighter of 1940s Greece
Hoplite panoply