[old province of MIDHE]
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Wars of the AD era
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history of world conflicts
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Battles, sieges, wars, skirmishes and other forms of conflict taking place over the centuries in Ireland

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A Rolls Royce armoured car crewed by Bladk and Tans in 1921
Fenian flag carried during the abortive invasion of Canada 1866
The monastery of Clonmacnoise
Irish galloglas and other troops of 1581
map of Aughrim 1691
map of Arklow 1798
map of Benburb 1646
map of the Boyne 1690
map of Clontibret 1595
battle of Dublin 1171
Dysert O'Dea 1318
battle of Farsetmore
Kinsale 1601
map of Knockdoe 1504
Moyry Pass 1600
Rathmines 1649
Yellow Ford 1598