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The Yellow Emperor
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Khitan Liao horsemen of C10 - C11 AD
spearmen of C10 - C11 AD
the terracotta warriors found in the grave of the first Emperor
China in the Three Kingdoms period
217 bc
Three KIngdoms period General
Fortifications in the Jianmen Pass
Mandarin archer
mandarin general with banners
the extent of the dusty loess plateau
the great wall
Shang tomb in Henan
wind lion from Kinshan island
General Zhuge Liang
the three kingdoms
Shang blades
Shang axehead
wars of the three kingdoms
"wolfs teeth siege assault machine
city states in the yellow river valley
flag of Chu or Zhou
Han banners
more Han banners
warrring kingdoms under the eastern Zhou
ancient battlefields of north china
the three kingdoms
warring states