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The Chaco Boreal
Madsen LMG
fiat ansaldo tank in paraguayan service
vickers tankette in bolivian service
Vickers tank in Bolivian service
The Chaco War
The Gran Chaco is the most inhospitable part of the inhospitable Chaco Boreal, a largely uninhabited, 250,000 sq-mi region west of the Paraguay River and east of the foothills of the Andes in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. It is an arid, semi-desert, where some of the highest temperatures recorded in South America are encountered. In the west, near the mountains, the Gran Chaco is a flat, sparsely vegetated, waterless plain. Further east it is a thick, dry, almost impassable thornbrush jungle punctuated by dense stands of quebracho trees and grassy clearings. There are few people, but myriad biting, stinging insects and many tropical diseases. Prior to 1928, the region's only real value was the tannin extracted from its quebrachos and the meager grazing it provided for cattle. Such was the unlikely bone of contention in South America¿s bloodiest, twentieth-century war.
From: west of the Paraguay River and east of the foothills of the Andes
Bolivian Carden Lloyd tankette
Bolivian Vickers tankette
Bolivian Vickers tankette
Another version of the Bolivian Vickers tankette
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Bolivian Junkers bomber
Parguayan Curtis Falcon
Paragguayan Potez
Captured Bolivian HMGs
Bolivian Breguet bomber painted in FRENCH DARK GREEN camo colors
Bolivian Airco DH9 bomber
Paraguayan troop train
Bolivian Junkers K43H bomber