Hotchkiss tank
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The Fall of France in 1940 involved Hitler championing Guderians proposed move through the Ardennes Forest as part of his power struggle with the German General Staff. Good preparation, training and communications stood the Germans in good stead, but individual disobedience to orders by Guderian and others on the ground, eg. the advance forward to the Stonne Ridge near Sedan, was necessary to ensure victory, as were the 200  flak guns which guarded the Meuse/Maas bridgehead there, most of the Panzers passing over just one bridge. The victory would have been even more stunning had Hitler not halted the Wehrmacht before Dunkirk, in a bid to reassert his authority over the runaway generals. 
the German objective
map showing the decisive breakthrough west of Sedan and up to the Stonne Ridge
subsequent operations
showing the component vehicles of a panzer column - most of them inferior in firepower to their french counterparts!!
AMR tanks near Dunkirk
captured French troops
Stuka divebombers harassed refugees and Allied troop columns alike, contributing much to the psychological collapse
Half track
37mm german AT gun
german AC
the Panzers roll
Loire fighter
french tactical armour markings
the atlantic wall nr Calais
Morane Saulnier fighter of 1940
French Morane Saulnier 406 fighter
bodies and equipment litter Dieppe beach after the raid of 1942
Somua at Bovington
wrecked Somuas at Hannut east of Brussels 1940