Battles of the ACW

Main Eastern Theater




Blockade of the Chesapeake Bay [May-June 1861]

Sewell's Point (Virginia)

Aquia Creek (Virginia)

Big Bethel (Virginia)

Operations in Western Virginia [June-December 1861]

Philippi (West Virginia)

Rich Mountain (West Virginia)

Kessler's Cross Lanes (West Virginia)

Carnifex Ferry (West Virginia)

Cheat Mountain (West Virginia)

Greenbrier River (West Virginia)

Camp Alleghany (West Virginia)

Manassas Campaign [July 1861]

Hoke's Run (West Virginia)

Blackburn's Ford (Virginia)

Manassas I (Virginia)

Blockade of the Carolina Coast [August 1861]

Hatteras Inlet Batteries (North Carolina)

McClellan's Operations in Northern Virginia [October-December 1861]

Ball's Bluff (Virginia)

Dranesville (Virginia)




Blockade of the Potomac River [October 1861-January 1862]

Cockpit Point (Virginia)

Jackson's Operations Against the B&O Railroad [January 1862]

Hancock (Maryland)

Burnside's North Carolina Expedition [February-June 1862]

Roanoke Island (North Carolina)

New Berne (North Carolina)

Fort Macon (North Carolina)

South Mills (North Carolina)

Tranter's Creek (North Carolina)

Jackson's Valley Campaign [March-June 1862]

Kernstown I (Virginia)

McDowell (Virginia)

Front Royal (Virginia)

Winchester I (Virginia)

Cross Keys (Virginia)

Port Republic (Virginia)

Peninsula Campaign [March-July 1862]

Hampton Roads (Virginia)

Yorktown (Virginia)

Williamsburg (Virginia)

Eltham's Landing (Virginia)

Drewry's Bluff (Virginia)

Hanover Courthouse (Virginia)

Seven Pines (Virginia)

Oak Grove (Virginia)

Beaver Dam Creek (Virginia)

Gaines' Mill (Virginia)

Garnetts & Goldings Farm (Virginia)

Savage Station (Virginia)

White Oak Swamp (Virginia)

Glendale (Virginia)

Malvern Hill (Virginia)

Northern Virginia Campaign [August 1862]

Cedar Mountain (Virginia)

Rappahannock Station I (Virginia)

Manassas Station Operations (Virginia)

Thoroughfare Gap (Virginia)

Manassas II (Virginia)

Chantilly (Virginia)

Maryland Campaign [September 1862]

Harpers Ferry (West Virginia)

South Mountain (Maryland)

Antietam (Maryland)

Shepherdstown (West Virginia)

Fredericksburg Campaign [November-December 1862]

Fredericksburg (Virginia)

Goldsboro Expedition [December 1862]

Kinston (North Carolina)

White Hall Ferry (North Carolina)

Goldsboro Bridge (North Carolina)




Longstreet's Tidewater Operations [March-April 1863]

Fort Anderson (North Carolina)

Washington (North Carolina)

Norfleet House / Suffolk (Virginia)

Hill's Point / Suffolk (Virginia)

Cavalry Operations along the Rappahannock [March 1863]

Kelly's Ford (Virginia)

Chancellorsville Campaign [April-May 1863]

Chancellorsville (Virginia)

Fredericksburg II (Virginia)

Salem Church (Virginia)

Gettysburg Campaign [June-July 1863]

Brandy Station (Virginia)

Winchester II (Virginia)

Aldie (Virginia)

Middleburg (Virginia)

Upperville (Virginia)

Hanover (Pennsylvania)

Gettysburg (Pennsylvania)

Williamsport (Maryland)

Boonsborough (Maryland)

Manassas Gap (Virginia)

Bristoe Campaign [October-November 1863]

Auburn (Virginia)

Auburn (Virginia)

Bristoe Station (Virginia)

Buckland Mills (Virginia)

Rappahannock Station II (Virginia)

Averell's Raid on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad [November 1863]

Droop Mountain (West Virginia)

Mine Run Campaign [November-December 1863]

Mine Run (Virginia)




Demonstration on the Rapidan River [February 1864]

Morton's Ford (Virginia)

Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid [March 1864]

Mantapike Hill [Walkerton] (Virginia)


Operations Against Plymouth [April-May 1864]

Plymouth (North Carolina)

Albemarle Sound (North Carolina)

Crook-Averell Raid on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad [May 1864]

Cloyd's Mountain (Virginia)

Cove Mountain (Virginia)

Bermuda Hundred Campaign [May 1864]

Port Walthall Junction (Virginia)

Swift Creek (Virginia)

Chester Station (Virginia)

Proctor's Creek (Virginia)

Ware Bottom Church (Virginia)


Grant's Overland Campaign [May-June 1864]

Wilderness (Virginia)

Spotsylvania Court House (Virginia)

Yellow Tavern (Virginia)

Wilson's Wharf (Virginia)

Haw's Shop (Virginia)

North Anna (Virginia)

Totopotomy Creek/ Bethesda Church (Virginia)

Old Church (Virginia)

Cold Harbor (Virginia)

Trevilian Station (Virginia)

Saint Mary's Church (Virginia)

Lynchburg Campaign [May-June 1864]

New Market (Virginia)

Piedmont (Virginia)

Lynchburg (Virginia)

Early's Raid and Operations Against the B&O Railroad [June-August 1864]

Monocacy (Maryland)

Fort Stevens (Washington DC)

Cool Spring (Virginia)

Rutherford's Farm (Virginia)

Kernstown II (Virginia)

Folck's Mill (Maryland)

Moorefield (West Virginia)

Richmond-Petersburg Campaign [June-December 1864]

Petersburg I (Virginia)

Petersburg II (Virginia)

Jerusalem Plank Road (Virginia)

Staunton River Bridge (Virginia)

Sappony Church (Virginia)

Ream's Station I (Virginia)

Deep Bottom I (Virginia)

Crater (Virginia)

Deep Bottom II (Virginia)

Globe Tavern (Virginia)

Ream's Station II (Virginia)

Chaffin's Farm and New Market Heights (Virginia)

Peebles' Farm (Virginia)

Darbytown and New Market Roads (Virginia)

Darbytown Road (Virginia)

Fair Oaks and Darbytown Road (Virginia)

Boydton Plank Road (Virginia)

Sheridan's Valley Campaign [August-October 1864]

Guard Hill (Virginia)

Summit Point (West Virginia)

Smithfield Crossing (West Virginia)

Berryville (Virginia)

Opequon (Virginia)

Fisher's Hill (Virginia)

Tom's Brook (Virginia)

Cedar Creek (Virginia)

Expedition Against Fort Fisher [December 1864]

Fort Fisher (North Carolina)




Operations Against Fort Fisher and Wilmington [January-February 1865]

Fort Fisher (North Carolina)

Wilmington (North Carolina)

Richmond-Petersburg Campaign continued [January-March 1865]

Hatcher's Run (Virginia)

Fort Stedman (Virginia)

Sheridan's Expedition to Petersburg [March 1865]

Waynesboro (Virginia)

Appomattox Campaign [March-April 1865]

Lewis's Farm (Virginia)

White Oak Road (Virginia)

Dinwiddie Court House (Virginia)

Five Forks (Virginia)

Petersburg IIIVirginia)

Sutherland's Station (Virginia)

Namozine Church (Virginia)

Amelia Springs (Virginia)

Sayler's Creek (Virginia)

Rice's Station (Virginia)

Cumberland Church (Virginia)

High Bridge (Virginia)

Appomattox Station (Virginia)

Appomattox Court House (Virginia)

Lower Seaboard Theater and Gulf Approach


Operations in Charleston Harbor [April 1861]

Fort Sumter (South Carolina)

Operations of the Gulf Blockading Squadron [October 1861]

Santa Rosa Island (Florida)


Operations Against Fort Pulaski [April 1862]

Fort Pulaski (Georgia)

Expedition to, and Capture of, New Orleans [April-May 1862]

Forts Jackson & Phillip (Louisiana)

New Orleans (Louisiana)

Operations Against Charleston [June 1862]

Secessionville (South Carolina)

Simmon's Bluff (South Carolina)

Operations Against Tampa [June-July 1862]

Tampa (Florida)

Operations Against Baton Rouge [July-August 1862]

Baton Rouge (Louisiana)

Donaldsonville (Louisiana)

Expedition to St. John's Bluff [September-October 1862]

Saint John's Bluff (Florida)

Operations in LaFourche District [October 1862]

Georgia Landing (Louisiana)



Naval Attacks on Fort McAllister [March 1863]

Fort McAllister (Georgia)

Operations in West Louisiana [April 1863]

Fort Bisland (Louisiana)

Irish Bend (Louisiana)

Vermillion Bayou (Louisiana)

Operations Against the Defenses of Charleston [April-September 1863]

Charleston Harbor (South Carolina)

Fort Wagner (South Carolina)

Grimball's Landing (South Carolina)

Fort Wagner, Morris Island (South Carolina)

Fort Sumter (South Carolina)

Charleston Harbor (South Carolina)

Siege of Port Hudson [May-July 1863]

Plains Store (Louisiana)

Port Hudson (Louisiana)

Taylor's Operations in West Louisiana [June-September 1863]

LaFourche Crossing (Louisiana)

Donaldsonville (Louisiana)

Kock's Plantation (Louisiana)

Stirling's Plantation (Louisiana)

Expedition to Hillsboroiver[October 1863]

Fort Brooke (Florida)



Florida Expedition [February 1864]

Olustee (Florida)


Operations near Saint Mark's [March 1865]

Natural Bridge (Florida)


Main Western Theater omitting Gulf Approach


Operations in Eastern Kentucky [September-December 1861]

Barbourville (Kentucky)

Camp Wild Cat (Kentucky)

Ivy Mountain (Kentucky)

Rowlett's Station (Kentucky)

Operations at the Ohio and Mississippi River Confluence [November 1861]

Belmont (Missouri)




Offensive in Eastern Kentucky [January 1862]

Middle Creek (Kentucky)

Mill Springs (Kentucky)

Union Penetration up the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers [February-June 1862]

Fort Henry (Tennessee)

Fort Donelson (Tennessee)

Shiloh (Tennessee)

Corinth (Mississippi)

Joint Operations Against New Madrid, Island No. 10, and Memphis [February-June 1862]

New Madrid (Missouri)

Island No. 10 (Missouri)

Memphis (Tennessee)

Confederate Heartland Offensive [June-October 1862]

Chattanooga (Tennessee)

Murfreesborough (Tennessee)

Richmond (Kentucky)

Munfordville (Kentucky)

Perryville (Kentucky)

Iuka and Corinth Operations [September-October 1862]

Iuka (Mississippi)

Corinth (Mississippi)

Hatchie's Bridge (Tennessee)




Stones River Campaign [December 1862-January 1863]

Hartsville (Tennessee)

Stones River (Tennessee)

Forrest's Expedition into West Tennessee [December 1862-January 1863]

Jackson (Tennessee)

Parker's Cross Roads (Tennessee)

Operations Against Vicksburg [December 1862-January 1863]

Chickasaw Bayou (Mississippi)

Arkansas Post (Arkansas)

Grant's Operations Against Vicksburg [March-July 1863]

Grand Gulf (Mississippi)

Snyder's Bluff (Mississippi)

Jackson (Mississippi)

Port Gibson (Mississippi)

Raymond (Mississippi)

Champion Hill (Mississippi)

Big Black River Bridge (Mississippi)

Vicksburg (Mississippi)

Milliken's Bend (Louisiana)

Goodrich's Landing (Louisiana)

Helena (Arkansas)

Middle Tennessee Operations [February-April 1863]

Dover (Tennessee)

Thompson's Station (Tennessee)

Vaught's Hill (Tennessee)

Brentwood (Tennessee)

Franklin (Tennessee)

Streight's Raid in Alabama and Georgia [April 1863]

Day's Gap (Alabama)


Tullahoma or Middle Tennessee Campaign [June 1863]

Hoover's Gap (Tennessee)

Morgan's Raid in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio [July 1863]

Corydon (Indiana)

Buffington Island (Ohio)

Salineville (Ohio)

Chickamauga Campaign [August-September 1863]

Chattanooga (Tennessee)

Davis' Cross-Roads (Georgia)

Chickamauga (Georgia)

East Tennessee Campaign [September-October 1863]

Blountsville (Tennessee)

Blue Springs (Tennessee)

Reopening the Tennessee River [October 1863]

Wauhatchie (Tennessee)

Operations on the Memphis & Charleston Railroad [November 1863]

Collierville (Tennessee)

Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign [November 1863]

Chattanooga (Tennessee)

Ringgold Gap (Georgia)

Longstreet's Knoxville Campaign [November-December 1863]

Campbell's Station (Tennessee)

Fort Sanders (Tennessee)

Bean's Station (Tennessee)

Operations about Dandridge [December 1863-January 1864]

Mossy Creek (Tennessee)

Dandridge (Tennessee)

Fair Garden (Tennessee)




Operations in North Alabama [January 1864]

Athens (Alabama)

Meridian and Yazoo River Expeditions [February 1864]

Meridian (Mississippi)

Okolona (Mississippi)


Demonstration on Dalton [February 1864]

Dalton I (Georgia)

Forrest's Expedition into West Tennessee and Kentucky [March-April 1864]

Paducah (Kentucky)

Fort Pillow (Tennessee)


Atlanta Campaign [May-September 1864]

Rocky Face Ridge (Georgia)

Resaca (Georgia)

Adairsville (Georgia)

New Hope Church (Georgia)

Dallas (Georgia)

Pickett's Mills (Georgia)

Pine Mountain(Georgia)

Gilgal Church (Georgia)

Noonday Creek (Georgia)

Kolb's Farm (Georgia)

Kennesaw Mountain (Georgia)

Ruff's Mill (Georgia)

Peachtree Creek (Georgia)

Atlanta (Georgia)

Ezra Church (Georgia)

Utoy Creek (Georgia)

Dalton II (Georgia)

Lovejoy's Station (Georgia)

Jonesborough (Georgia)

Morgan's Raid into Kentucky [June 1864]

Cynthiana (Kentucky)

Forrest's Defense of Mississippi [June-August 1864]

Tupelo (Mississippi)

Brice's Cross Roads (Mississippi)

Memphis (Tennessee)

Operations in Mobile Bay [August 1864]

Mobile Bay (Alabama)


Franklin-Nashville Campaign [September-December 1864]

Allatoona (Georgia)

Decatur (Alabama)

Johnsonville (Tennessee)

Columbia (Tennessee)

Spring Hill (Tennessee)

Franklin (Tennessee)

Murfreesborough (Tennessee)

Nashville (Tennessee)

Burbridge's Raid into Southwest Virginia [October 1864]

Saltville (Virginia)


Breckinridges Advance into East Tennessee [November 1864]

Bull's Gap (Tennessee)

Savannah Campaign [November-December 1864]

Griswoldville (Georgia)

Buck Head Creek (Georgia)

Honey Hill (South Carolina)

Waynesborough (Georgia)

Fort McAllister (Georgia)

Stoneman's Raid into Southwest Virginia [December 1864]

Marion (Virginia)

Saltville (Virginia)




Carolinas Campaign [February-March 1865]

Rivers' Bridge (South Carolina)

Wyse Fork (North Carolina)

Monroe's Cross-Roads (North Carolina)

verasborough (North Carolina)

Bentonville (North Carolina)

Mobile Campaign [March-April 1865]

Spanish Fort (Alabama)

Fort Blakely (Alabama)

Wilson's Raid in Alabama and Georgia [April 1865]

Selma (Alabama)