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Continentals attack at sunset
American Revolution
Battles in upper NY state
Princeton NJ
flag carried at Bennington
the famous BETSY ROSS flag
Browns flag
carried at Bunker Hill
carried at Cowpens
Culpepper Court House
Fort Moultrie FL
Green Mountain Boys
carried at Guilford Courthouse
Saratoga - contemporary map
Saratoga - the action on 7 Oct 1777
Sons of Liberty
Battle of Monmouth
Oriskany 1777
Philadelphia light horse
Rhode island rebels
Geo Washington at Trenton NJ
Lt Col Lee of VA
French troops 1782
Emmerichs Chasseurs
De Lanceys Refugees 1780
Hasletts Delaware Regt 1776
British grenadier 1776
Hobkirks Hill - battle map
Hesse Kassel Jaegers
4th Connecticut
French Gatinois Regt
Continental forces 1783
Patriots on the march